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Pipers Creek & Smiggins Trail

Pipers Creek & Smiggins Trail

The Pipers Creek & Smiggins Trail is a mix of gravel road, aqueducts and double track access fire trails, with two minor creek crossings.

Pipers Creek & Smiggins Trail is a beginner to intermediate ride. Head from the back of the Smiggin Holes car-park and ride down the Link Road towards the back of Blue Cow. Diagonally opposite the base of the Ridge chairlift off the road is an aqueduct access. It's a bit of a pinch to get up, but once there it's a fairly easy ride following the power poles initially. The trail winds through mostly open areas and undulating terrain.

Follow it all the way around to you get to the Pipers Creek crossing and Kosciuszko Rd junction. Simply ride back up the road back to Smiggins. It's a fun ride that's approximately 13km round trip. 

For more info download the PDF map.

Kosciuszko Rd
Smiggin Holes NSW 2624