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Jounama Creek Walk

Jounama Creek Walk

The track, near Jounama Creek campground, is ideal for bushwalking if you're seeking a energising challenge, with birdwatching opportunities and scenic views along the way.

The Jounama Creek Walk walk starts at the Jounama Creek camping area, 500m off the Snowy Mountains Highway, three kilometres from Talbingo. It runs parallel to Jounama Creek. 

From the camping area walk to the end of the gravel road where the walk begins. The walk is 6km long.

Be sure to bring along your binoculars or camera if you enjoy a spot of birdwatching. You may spot a variety of birdlife, such as yellow-tailed black cockatoos, or a wildflower display, with purple kunzea and white-flowered tea tree on lower slopes.