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Beloka Water

Beloka Water

Beloka Groundwater from the Snowy Mountains is the red wine of waters. Thick and full in the mouth with a powerful aroma and an earthy taste with a sodium kick.

Beloka Water comes from the unspoilt Kosciuszko National Park, where it is filtered through 500 million year old geological strata and where the pristine, mineral rich water is bottled. 

Beloka Water is 100% Australian - everything from the caps, labels, and boxes are sourced from within Australia, and it is bottled using recycled glass, meaning the water not only tastes great, but is the sustainable, local option too. 

Voted as a Fine Water of the World, Beloka is the water of choice for many restaurants, cafés, hotels, and discerning drinkers the world over

Suite 208, 29-31 Lexington Drive
Bella Vista, Sydney NSW 2153