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Tourism Snowy Mountains Pushes for ‘Export Ready’ Workshops

Tourism Snowy Mountains Pushes for ‘Export Ready’ Workshops

The announcement that from September visitors will be arriving on our doorstep direct from Singapore and Wellington into Canberra Airport, is obviously great news for the region and could potentially have a major long-term impact on tourism in the Snowy Mountains.

Findings from Tourism Australia (TA) research indicate that both Singaporean and New Zealander leisure travellers look for (in order of importance) safety and security, interesting attractions and value for money when choosing a holiday destination; with natural wilderness and wildlife the most appealing Australian attractions.

The Snowy Mountains certainly ticks all the boxes here and has a real opportunity to become a major destination for these markets. In 2014 New Zealand was number one and Singapore was Australia’s fifth largest inbound market for visitor arrivals, generating $2.4bn and $1.2bn in spending respectively.

With this in mind, Tourism Snowy Mountains has requested that Destination NSW conduct information sessions in the region to address the requirements of local businesses becoming ‘’export ready.’’

‘’I believe that TSM and local businesses should be on the front foot in targeting and meeting the needs of the new in-bound travellers from Singapore and New Zealand once they start to fly direct into Canberra,’’ said Neil Thew Executive Officer for TSM.

‘’In order to ensure we provide first-class experiences that stimulates on-going visitor growth, we need to understand what it takes to be ready for international travellers; so I’ve asked DNSW if they can conduct some workshops or information sessions that address: industry development, being export ready and in-bound tourism strategy,’’ Concluded Mr Thew.

TSM will also be working with DNSW, Visit Canberra, local government, other close-by regional tourism organisations as well as industry on developing strategies to retain international visitors that arrive into Canberra in the southeast quadrant of NSW and the ACT and not lose them to other domestic destinations.

If you think that your business would benefit from becoming export ready and you would like to potentially attend a workshop to gain more insights into appealing to and hosting international travellers, please contact: